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  1. MOBILE AND TABLET CERTIFIED ATEX - The products are certified to secure your calls in the dangerous areas which hve risk of explosions. The mobile and tablets are ready to use as any other usual products.  
  2. EWAY AND SIMPLE  WAY TO ORDER - We can ship the products in to Europe countries, UK, Canada, USA, South America. Let us know the quantity you wish to order and we'll send you the proforma invoice. The payment by wire transfer will be sent to our bank in France.  
  3. GPS TRACKERS - We suggest some interesting GPS trackers actually to secure vehicules and trucks with no installations skills to avoid the technical fees. You need to insert the sim card, set the device by sending some sms commands to the device and that's it. You can track anytime your vehicles from your smartphone, set geofence alerts, get an alert when someone enters the vehicule...

FAQ is a web web site of the company STARMEF 7 located in France. The company has other web sites in the field of web hosting, cultural guides, classified offers.
Our clients are always shipped with the right products as descriped with documentation.

We ship to Europe countries, UK, USA, Canada, South america.
The payment is secure with wire transfer from company to company.
The digital products like Paris eguides, web hosting, web site design can be paid by credit card and paypal from our web sites.

The word needs to be secure for more safety for the products and personals. We help to afford good secure special products for our clients.
* Atex Mobile GSM products to be used in dangerous areas. One year warranty.
* GPS trackers  easy to install with no technician skils. One year warranty.


for GPS trackers

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Secure products.